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We’ve been Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in Denver and surrounding areas since 1999. We have tons of repeat customers because we don’t leave your home until you are completely satisfied.




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Guide to Count Windows

Keep in mind a window pane is any piece of glass with a frame around it. The top picture shows casement windows that slide up and down, some may also slide side to side. This is one large window, but what needs to be counted are the panes, or framed pieces of glass. There are a total of 5 here.

Many windows like the ones in the top picture have dividers in-between the panes to give it a classic “French” window pane look. These are not French Windows and should be counted as one whole pane.

French Windows will have the dividers on the outside of the glass, dividing the outside surface of the glass into many smaller segments and required a different bidding process.

We wash and clean windows, screens are cleaned free.

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Power Washing


I used to clean houses before I started Window King window cleaning business 22 years ago and understand how much cleanliness means to you! Our basic rules are no shoes are worn in your house and we leave no mess behind while cleaning your windows and screens.

We’ve been cleaning and washing windows and providing superior quality service since 1999.

Our other services are Gutter Cleaning, Chandelier Cleaning and Christmas Light Hanging.




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